Friday, January 22, 2016

Rotten By Life

Rotten By Life (Demo) 2001. Tracks: 1-rotten. 2-The Hopeless. 3-Imagination. 4-God Killed You. 5-Bitch decapitation extravaganza. 6-Human butcher. 7-Die fucking bastard. Rotten by Life 2001 Demo. (Lineup): Reynaldo- guitar & Vocals. Hilton- bass & vocals. Francis- Drums. Rotten By Life was a Old school Death Metal band from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Formed in 2001 by Reynaldo Padilla & Hilton Cummings. Originally named (non toxic) then changed to Rotten By Life. Sick and fast in a Punk way Drummer Francis David brought to their sound a Punk feel in the pounding while Raynaldos fast guitar riffs created a Chicago sound like Master. Lyrics were about obvious content! gore,killing and vengeance. Rotten by Life played several shows in the west side of Puerto Rico together with Sniff, Miseria, Krayola, One Way, Mentalidad Pako, Agente Naranja among other music acts of that time. This DEMO was recorded live! on a rehearsal way with only one computer mic capturing all. I personally love this Demo because it sounds raw but its clear and you can hear every instrument with punch! vocals are a little moody but thats the way it had to be done!. Bloopers are included giving it a organic feel!. No pro tools no nothing just real!. So heres a little back to the past! back to 2001! when bands had heart! to be original and extreme. To the contrary of now day acts. Here it is immortalized -Rotten by Life- This DEMO will be released by God killer Music in a professional format! for those who want a physical copy and cherish it for life!. Underground till the end. ~Chriss~ Download DEMO

Thursday, February 16, 2012

SERPENTERIUM: Into the realm of Obscurity (2004)

Serpenterium was a Black Metal band located on the South west of Puerto Rico(San German) Founded on April 1996 by Arnaldo and Luiz. The band had a great cult following on the late 90s and began to played gigs and Fests around the island of P.R sharing stage with acts like Godless,Organic Infest,Inner Hate,Sniff,Darkned Skies,Encrypted among others. The band released various demos/MCD and one Full Lenght album.

Serpenterium was:
Arnaldo Acevedo "AZAG"- Vocals,Lead & Acoustic guitar.
Luis Acevedo "ALAL" - Drums, Backing Vocals.
Jose Pagan"SALMAC" - Guitar.
Javier Pagan"VAEL" - Bass.
Elliot Rodriguez "BEL EBIH" - Keyboards.

Into The Realm of Obscurity
MCD, 2004 - Auto-Production

1. Journey into the Night 00:58
2. Final Words 03:44
3. Funeral March (The Journey Continues)01:14
4. Confusion 02:50
5. Unholy Flames 05:13

Total playing time 13:59


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DARKENED SKIES: Dawn of Dreams.

Darkened Skies - Dawn Of Dreams

1. Dawn Of Dreams
2. World Of Sorrow
3. Ending Life
4. Soul Of Darkness
5. Restless Oblivion
6. Winter's Wind
7. Icons
8. The End

Formed in 1996 in Aibontio,P.R

Victor Santana : Drums
Allewis : Guitar
Josué Rivera : Guitar
Omar Santiago : Vocals
Carlos Matos : Bass

Former/Past members
Jose Colon : Guitar
Ramon Berrios : Guitar


TINIEBLAS: Dark Infernal Light (1997)

Tinieblas was a Melodic Black Metal band from Puerto Rico formed in around somewhere in the mid 90s. They had a short life-span and released “Dark Infernal Light” in 1997.The definition of Tinieblas is darkness in Spanish. Tinieblas returned in 2007 for a reunion show with Robert(Dismal divinity)on drums!. The last show took place in La Rueda,Arecibo. Then the band disbanded.

The last known line-up is:
Kibbeth - Vocals
Ishtar - Female Vocals
Nocturnal Soul - Guitar
Zagros - Guitar
Havoc - Bass
Hephaestus - Keyboards
Azarak - Drums

So here it is there Full Lenght Album released by THRASH CORNER RECORDS.

Track list:

1. Dark Infernal Light 06:23

2. Demon Lord 03:02

3. Birth of Darkness 06:07

4. Face of Their God 03:35

5. Hymn To Io Pan 05:01

6. The Mass of Phoenix 04:04

7. Cult of the Black Snake 04:52

8. Abdication of Light


PERPETUAL: Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam (CD - 1998)

Black Metal from P.R formed in 1995.

Perpetual was:
Lord Tartarus : Guitar
Baator : Drums
Vigoth : Keyboard
HellKnight : Bass

Heres their first and only Full Lenght Album- Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam- Released by Thrash Corner Records.


1. And Heaven Succumbs This Dawn 5:11

2. Nine Days Of Falling 2:17

3. Storms Of The Depth Cosmos 4:45

4. Adorned By The Splendour Of Rage 5:02

5. An Angel kissed The Conqueror's Chalice 7:26

6. Melancholy Of A New Era 2:44

7. Descendiendo En El Laberinto De Mi Ira 5:43


SNIFF: Eyes of Blood (EP)

SNIFF was a Metal band formed in 1999 Mayaguez,P.R. The band kept active till 2007 Lots of lineup changes, The only original member that survived was Chriss Metal who later on continued with his band Sepulchral playing Sniff songs for some time. Christian Rivera formed the band Alma Blanca then played on Shotgun & other projects. Edwing Torres lost interest of the music scene. Jonathan & Annibal Cardona were fired. But the band had lots of other members, Titus from abismo Nuclear played Bass for some years with the band. Manolo from Black Orchid did some keyboards in 2 shows (Tabu Fest) & (in Bayamon) forgot the name of the gig. This EP was recorded in 2001 produced by Royal(ex-godless, ex-Sicamol). SNIFF was active in the time were Serpenterium, Godless, Infectoria, Encrypted, Osamenta, Organic Infest and other legends were still flying the flag of Metal in P.R. Cheesy lyrics & name but great music and times!. So heres another clasic! Enjoy.

Track list:
1- Love is Dead

2- Hipocresia

3- Odio

4- Human Falling


ORGANIC INFEST: Penitence 1993

Formed in 1991 in San Lorenzo,P.R by Freddy,Chegui & Juan. A 3 piece band who later added another guitar player named Kiko. Organic Infest also had a demo recorded in 1993 and then released PENITENCE(full length). This Album had a great reaction worldwide on the death metal scene!. Organic were a international act not only played in P.R. Also shared stage with bands like Monstrocity,Divine Empire,Chunk Bucket,Incantation among others. The band in 1993 brokeup for a time and later came back strong in 2001 releasing there AGONY EP!. I saw this record even in SEARS! it had a Black Sabbath cover the son Black Sabbath. The band continued to play gigs in P.R and also did a show on Florida etc.. Then in 2003 Released there second full length album Way to Temptation!. With time Freddy left the band and formed Voracious a great band but didnt last much, Right Freddy is living in USA. Chegui continued the band on the name of ORGANIC experimenting with 2 bass guitars! no guitars. Then later on the band disbanded. So this is my tribute to MY FAVORITE Death Metal band of P.R they are a big influence!. So this is my way of giving tribute,love and immortalizing this piece of history!. (words by Chriss Metal). p.s if you have more info or something here is wrong let me know!.

Freddy Figueora : Guitar (Ex Encrypted)
Chegui : Vocals, Bass
Juan : Drums
Kiko- guitars(live)

1. Intro: Penitence
2. Carnal Waste
3. Suppurative Waste
4. Execrable Butchery
5. Dismemberment Malignacy
6. The Eviscerated
7. Carnivore Instincts
8. Horribly Carved
Length: 33:46