Monday, January 16, 2012

ENCRYPTED: Drifting to the Impaled (2000)

ENCRYPTED was formed in 1998 under the moniker of Grieved, Vocalist Jay Collazo and Drummer Robert Santos (Sacrificio/Dismal Divinity) got together with the same idea, to create music that would make any handy-cap jump out of the wheelhair into the pit action, Robert Webster was recluted for the Bass duties and Manuel Flecha for Guitarist this line-up went together through several live shows in the Puerto Rico area, gaining soon the recognition for P.R. ’s In Sickest Death Metal act. By early 2000 the band recorded a two song promo demo which one of the track was included on “Down to the Abyss” compilation CD, soon after Robert Webster and Manuel Flecha were replaced for Guitarist Freddy Figueroa and the new Bassist Anthony Nieves shortly after they released their debut six songs MCD “Drifting to the Impaled” on Under The Baphomet Records which sold over 3000 copies around the world and had very good response from the DM followers.
Many underground Zine gave very good reviews and Magazines like Metal Maniacs praised their mosh inducing metal flavor. In late 2001 Freddy left the band to put his full time effort on his band
Organic Infest.
Onix Feliciano and Miguel Flores where incorporated in the ENCRYPTED ranks to bring a much more complete sound and a better stage presence converting the band into a quintet combo. They started to work on new material and playing gigs around the island.
-(Mini CD)-"DRIFTING TO THE IMPALED"-Released in the year 2000 by Under The Baphomet Records.-

1. Anguish of the Crucified 03:59

2. Drifting to the Impaled 02:14

3. Dawn of Grief 04:30

4. Lair of Damnation 04:13

5. Slowly They Gather 03:13

6. Sin My Soul 02:39


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