Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ORGANIC INFEST: Penitence 1993

Formed in 1991 in San Lorenzo,P.R by Freddy,Chegui & Juan. A 3 piece band who later added another guitar player named Kiko. Organic Infest also had a demo recorded in 1993 and then released PENITENCE(full length). This Album had a great reaction worldwide on the death metal scene!. Organic were a international act not only played in P.R. Also shared stage with bands like Monstrocity,Divine Empire,Chunk Bucket,Incantation among others. The band in 1993 brokeup for a time and later came back strong in 2001 releasing there AGONY EP!. I saw this record even in SEARS! it had a Black Sabbath cover the son Black Sabbath. The band continued to play gigs in P.R and also did a show on Florida etc.. Then in 2003 Released there second full length album Way to Temptation!. With time Freddy left the band and formed Voracious a great band but didnt last much, Right Freddy is living in USA. Chegui continued the band on the name of ORGANIC experimenting with 2 bass guitars! no guitars. Then later on the band disbanded. So this is my tribute to MY FAVORITE Death Metal band of P.R they are a big influence!. So this is my way of giving tribute,love and immortalizing this piece of history!. (words by Chriss Metal). p.s if you have more info or something here is wrong let me know!.

Freddy Figueora : Guitar (Ex Encrypted)
Chegui : Vocals, Bass
Juan : Drums
Kiko- guitars(live)

1. Intro: Penitence
2. Carnal Waste
3. Suppurative Waste
4. Execrable Butchery
5. Dismemberment Malignacy
6. The Eviscerated
7. Carnivore Instincts
8. Horribly Carved
Length: 33:46

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