Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SACRIFICIO: Fin de la Fe (ful llength) 2004


SACRIFICIO, the band was formed in Puerto Rico with drummer Luis Robles, guitarists Jeffrey Dones and David Claudio, bass guitar Carlos Otero and vocals Jean Otero. At the end of 2001 the band recorded their first demo "Sacrificio" with 2 songs: "En problemas" and "Engendro". The sound quality of the demo wasn't the best due to a low budget situation, but it reflected the style and the influences of the band at that moment. The demo was sold and distributed in Puerto Rico only. Sacrificio played many local gigs and slowly got support from many metal fans. After openning the "Monstrosity" concert in May of 2003 the band started to prepare for what is now "FIN DE LA FE" (The End of Faith), the bands first production under "Dan's Crypt Records" label. The song "Eterno Resurgir" also appears on "ROTTENNESS II" a compilation of bands of Puerto Rico and Brazil. In November of 2003 Luis Robles quit the band in the middle of the recording process for the CD and Robert Santos ( Ex- Encrypted) and (Dismal Divinity) finished the recording of the drums, giving the most brutal and aggressive touch for the bands first production. Luis was replaced by Juan Pablo Figueroa who played with the band until the release show and then was kick out on July 2004 for not showing up for the bands practices and for his lack of responsibility. Immediately Robert Santos was added to the band. Shortly after David Claudio left the band in August of 2004 to leave for the U.S.Coast Guard. After all these adjustments the band is more organized and focus and working with new material for their next production. The current line-up is: Jean Otero, Carlos Otero, Jeffrey Dones and Robert Santos. The bands influences from the beginning were death and trash and after the time they maintained the same style and added a more brutal touch to their songs, developing an a apocalyptic atmosphere including breakdowns, melodies and lots of grinds in each song. All the lyrics are based on death and christian.
This band really won my fucking heart! pure sick and brutal!. Had members of Dismal divinity and Encrypted. The image onstage was how a real death metal band should look like!. It had John Domes(cardinal sin)Brother on Guitar! his name was Jeffrey Domes!. With time Jean Otero left the band to live in USA & so on the band disbanded sadly! Leaving this Jewell behind!. Enjoy one of the clasics and legends of PR death metal scene!. HAILS!!.

1- 10 Mandamientos

2- Recluta del Infierno

3- Eterno Resurgir

4- Depresion Suicida (John Dones/Cardinal Sin)

5- Lluvia de Sangre

6- En problemas

7- Orden Sacerdotal

8- La Sagrada Mentira

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