Monday, January 16, 2012

SICAMOL: Dance Macabra 2001 EP.

Sicamol was a Black Metal band formed in 1995 after the departure of Royal Torres and Pedro a.k.a. Faustus from the band Godless. Later the band started playing gigs around the island for some time and recorded a demo that wasnt released officialy. With Jonathan from(Camalion) on guitars & Jose aymat on second guitar. In 2001 the band released a 6 songs EP called Dance Macabra. This album has a more industrial sound experimenting with mechanical sounds. In this EP the lineup is Royal Torres on Vocals, Anibal(Pito) on guitars and keyboards & Ricky Hernandez on electric Drums. The band later recorded a full length album that was never released! sadly... But will see the light of day hopefully on this page ;) so stick around!.


1- Beauty of chaos

2- Dance Macabra

3- Electric Massacre of Gods


5- Beyond all Comprehension

6- Sadistic Journey


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