Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SNIFF: Eyes of Blood (EP)

SNIFF was a Metal band formed in 1999 Mayaguez,P.R. The band kept active till 2007 Lots of lineup changes, The only original member that survived was Chriss Metal who later on continued with his band Sepulchral playing Sniff songs for some time. Christian Rivera formed the band Alma Blanca then played on Shotgun & other projects. Edwing Torres lost interest of the music scene. Jonathan & Annibal Cardona were fired. But the band had lots of other members, Titus from abismo Nuclear played Bass for some years with the band. Manolo from Black Orchid did some keyboards in 2 shows (Tabu Fest) & (in Bayamon) forgot the name of the gig. This EP was recorded in 2001 produced by Royal(ex-godless, ex-Sicamol). SNIFF was active in the time were Serpenterium, Godless, Infectoria, Encrypted, Osamenta, Organic Infest and other legends were still flying the flag of Metal in P.R. Cheesy lyrics & name but great music and times!. So heres another clasic! Enjoy.

Track list:
1- Love is Dead

2- Hipocresia

3- Odio

4- Human Falling


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