Thursday, February 16, 2012

SERPENTERIUM: Into the realm of Obscurity (2004)

Serpenterium was a Black Metal band located on the South west of Puerto Rico(San German) Founded on April 1996 by Arnaldo and Luiz. The band had a great cult following on the late 90s and began to played gigs and Fests around the island of P.R sharing stage with acts like Godless,Organic Infest,Inner Hate,Sniff,Darkned Skies,Encrypted among others. The band released various demos/MCD and one Full Lenght album.

Serpenterium was:
Arnaldo Acevedo "AZAG"- Vocals,Lead & Acoustic guitar.
Luis Acevedo "ALAL" - Drums, Backing Vocals.
Jose Pagan"SALMAC" - Guitar.
Javier Pagan"VAEL" - Bass.
Elliot Rodriguez "BEL EBIH" - Keyboards.

Into The Realm of Obscurity
MCD, 2004 - Auto-Production

1. Journey into the Night 00:58
2. Final Words 03:44
3. Funeral March (The Journey Continues)01:14
4. Confusion 02:50
5. Unholy Flames 05:13

Total playing time 13:59