Friday, January 22, 2016

Rotten By Life

Rotten By Life (Demo) 2001. Tracks: 1-rotten. 2-The Hopeless. 3-Imagination. 4-God Killed You. 5-Bitch decapitation extravaganza. 6-Human butcher. 7-Die fucking bastard. Rotten by Life 2001 Demo. (Lineup): Reynaldo- guitar & Vocals. Hilton- bass & vocals. Francis- Drums. Rotten By Life was a Old school Death Metal band from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Formed in 2001 by Reynaldo Padilla & Hilton Cummings. Originally named (non toxic) then changed to Rotten By Life. Sick and fast in a Punk way Drummer Francis David brought to their sound a Punk feel in the pounding while Raynaldos fast guitar riffs created a Chicago sound like Master. Lyrics were about obvious content! gore,killing and vengeance. Rotten by Life played several shows in the west side of Puerto Rico together with Sniff, Miseria, Krayola, One Way, Mentalidad Pako, Agente Naranja among other music acts of that time. This DEMO was recorded live! on a rehearsal way with only one computer mic capturing all. I personally love this Demo because it sounds raw but its clear and you can hear every instrument with punch! vocals are a little moody but thats the way it had to be done!. Bloopers are included giving it a organic feel!. No pro tools no nothing just real!. So heres a little back to the past! back to 2001! when bands had heart! to be original and extreme. To the contrary of now day acts. Here it is immortalized -Rotten by Life- This DEMO will be released by God killer Music in a professional format! for those who want a physical copy and cherish it for life!. Underground till the end. ~Chriss~ Download DEMO