Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OSAMENTA: Cursed of the Zombie (single) 2001

Well my little knowledge of this oldfriends!... OSAMENTA was like a Ghoust! it came it killed, it maked people shit on there pants with the killer vocals, killer musicianship!. They were most well known like the Cannibal Corpse of Puerto Rico. All thought they had a lot of other influences, Carlos could sing just like Corpse Grinder!. The band was formed in PONCE(south side of P.R) by Junito, Ironicly influenced by his death heroes Cannibal Corpse and other death metal legends(great guitar player! one of the best!).
Members were:

Christian- Bass
also played in Inflamatory(Ponce).

Marvin- Drums
See also: ex-Inflamatory

Junito- Guitars

Rocco- Guitars

Carlos- Vocals

The band played several gigs,fests in P.R with Godless,Sniff,Serpenterium,Encrypted,Infectoria among others.. Sadly! this band didnt last long. They tried to make a reunion played one show in Ponce but only to split up again. Bandmembers had diferent ways of thinking & goals so that affected. They tried to work for a full length album but never got recorded sadly. Then Christian(bass) Formed the band Inflamatory but also didnt last so much. I had some other tracks with no vocals but i have to dig a big search on my vault. I DO have a full set live VIDEO on VHS! ill try to upload that. So this is a little Jewell left behind!. One of the greatest and shocking bands ever for there brutality and musicianship live!. One of my personal favorites! lots of memories!! and now i want to shared it with you guys!. ENJOY!! aarrghhh! \m/.


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