Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TINIEBLAS: Dark Infernal Light (1997)

Tinieblas was a Melodic Black Metal band from Puerto Rico formed in around somewhere in the mid 90s. They had a short life-span and released “Dark Infernal Light” in 1997.The definition of Tinieblas is darkness in Spanish. Tinieblas returned in 2007 for a reunion show with Robert(Dismal divinity)on drums!. The last show took place in La Rueda,Arecibo. Then the band disbanded.

The last known line-up is:
Kibbeth - Vocals
Ishtar - Female Vocals
Nocturnal Soul - Guitar
Zagros - Guitar
Havoc - Bass
Hephaestus - Keyboards
Azarak - Drums

So here it is there Full Lenght Album released by THRASH CORNER RECORDS.

Track list:

1. Dark Infernal Light 06:23

2. Demon Lord 03:02

3. Birth of Darkness 06:07

4. Face of Their God 03:35

5. Hymn To Io Pan 05:01

6. The Mass of Phoenix 04:04

7. Cult of the Black Snake 04:52

8. Abdication of Light


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